Composite guitars. Inspired by science

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions - remember that you can contact us and we'll answer in the fastest possible manner.

What is Ruffaine?

It’s an innovative composite material scientifically designed to achieve the perfect tone. Ruffaine is fully tonally adjustable which means you can choose what kind of sound you’d like to get - and we can make it! - if you’re looking for custom tone - contact us for a professor model - we can design your tone together.
We have been collecting various boutique/high-end/collectible guitars for years, so in the research process, we had hundreds of guitars to compare and select the best sounding ones. By using engineering methods we searched for the secret of their sound and recreated it in the design process of our guitars.

That's how Ruffaine Plain, Brown and Grey were created. The Plain one recreates the most versatile tone, this is our "go-to" flavour that fits our dream tone the best. You can also choose Ruffaine Brown, which corresponds to the best resonating mahogany guitars we have met on our way. The third one is Ruffaine Grey, which recreates swamp ash resonant and sweet sound.

The choice is yours!

Is the Ruffaine recyclable?

In our company - YES. Based on research and experience, we have created our own method of recycling composites, which in practice makes Ruffaine a material that can be recycled indefinitely.

Why single-piece guitars?

The desire to provide the best and the most comfortable instruments possible made us decide to start with single-piece guitars. The access to the highest frets and the comfort are unmatched and unattainable with any other type of body-neck connection.

Composite? How does it sound?

We’ve conducted research that proved we can achieve a sound similar to different types of wood or - create a unique one - it depends on your wish, but we have some types of our choice. Compared with wood that is used for instrument production we observed perfect repeatability, without any differences between particular pieces of wood used for the neck, fretboard or the body.

How about temperature and humidity changes?

Ruffaine is remarkably insensitive to changes of temperature and moisture in the air. The wood “works” which requires human reaction and when it comes to Ruffaine the reaction is non-existent, especially to the moisture - it simply doesn’t matter. We also use modern lacquers that also provide sun resistance.

What are your necks profiles?

Thanks to modern technology we’re able to achieve unprecedented ergonomics. Our necks feature a refined C-profile and a variable 14-16” radius as standard for 6-strings

What pickups and hardware do you use?

We use only top-class pickups and hardware like Bare Knuckle Pickups, Fishman, DiMarzio, Seymour Duncan, Hipshot, Gotoh, ABM and many more. We’d like our guitars to be the best possible, and that means no compromise. In standard all our guitars are equipped with Graph Tech nut, Hipshot Grip-Lock open tuners, D’Addario XL strings (10-46 and 9-42) and Hiscox case. If you have any special wishes - contact us and we’ll figure it out!

Doctor and Professor series - what's the difference?

Doctor is our main series. It's the combination of solutions that are the best for us - and as we belive - for modern musicians. 

We can also make a fully custom shape - this option is available in our configurator under “Professor” name. It has only one step - send us an email. Then we can do almost everything the client desires, however they do need to be aware that the production process will probably be much longer (even two years) and it will be much more expensive. Most things are possible if the customer is willing to discuss the possibilities and options.

Does the configurator on the website contain all the options? Can you advise what to choose?

We can discuss everything via email or we can schedule a call, we’re ready to help you choose the most suitable options for you.

How about the shipping?

We ship our guitars worldwide.

What colors and types of finishes can you do?

Standard available colors are listed on the website - in case of special requests, please contact us by e-mail for a quote. We’re constantly adding new color versions. For samples - please refer to Instagram.

How long does it take to get a guitar from you?

Standard waiting time is 9-12 months, it depends on your custom wishes. Of course professor series will take much longer.

How does the order, advance payment and final payment process look like?

Through our Configurator it’s a fully automated process when a customer provides all the information and the outcome is given to him immediately. The payment in advance is expected to be 40% for standard instruments, more for custom-made models.

How to pay?

You can pay by standard bank transfer.

Do you offer a warranty on your instruments?

We offer a standard 2-year warranty on all our instruments.

Can I visit your workshop?

Of course, we'll be more than happy to show you around and talk about guitars. Just write us an e-mail to arrange a meeting.