Composite guitars. Inspired by science

High-tech guitars?
A diary of the Founder - Rafał Perz.

It all began when I was 13 or 14 years old and I was very interested in rock music. That’s how guitars caught my attention and I began to play first classical guitar, later electric. I also began to think that maybe I could build my own instrument, so I visited Mayones factory where I purchased some of the parts I needed. Later I began to collect instruments and around 2013-2015 I started my guitar channel and I also was servicing my instruments on my own.
Time passed and I was thinking more and more often about making instruments out of composites. I opened a project development company, focusing mostly on engineering, but at some point I found enough time to make my own guitar. Currently I am working at the university with machine construction being part of my expertise. Majority of people working in my company are my former students, some of them even current ones.
Our guitars do not come from a design perspective but from research and science. We wanted to create instruments with technology and materials being our starting point - we began from technology and later used it to experiment with an actual shape and design.
From the very beginning of my scientific career I used to work in the aircraft industry and being just an engineer was not enough for me and I yearned for more innovation in my work. On top of that I liked to teach and that’s why after a while in the work market I came back to the university. I was focused on crash tests and new technologies and vehicle safety as well as biomechanics. The point was to observe and research how a material is behaving when put under specific pressures. I spent some of my time in the Mechanical Department at the University of Virginia where I was conducting plenty of experimental impact tests for NHTSA, US Army and car companies.

Composites were part of my research, and guitars were my dream - the most modern guitars in the world are created from the combination of these two variables. Our story is just beginning and you can be a part of it.
Rafał Perz - founder of Ruf Guitars

Rafał Perz

RUF Guitars Founder