Composite guitars. Inspired by science


Currently, the production of electric guitars uses almost exclusively wood, of which a significant amount is exotic wood, endangered with extinction. A significant part of these species are exotic trees, some of them have already been imposed by CITES restrictions or complete prohibitions on harvesting, using and exporting. A typical electric guitar weighs approx. 3 kg of wood (2.5 - 3.5 kg), but it doesn't have to be that way.


The material used to build our guitars - Ruffaine - scientifically developed and unlimitedly recyclable resonance material. Its structure, and thus the sound, can be freely created, achieving any sound that we can imagine, and one of its greatest advantages is that it is infinitely recyclable. Other synthetic materials degrade with every processing so at some point they no longer have the original properties anymore, but with Ruffaine the processing is done by machine and without heat treatment, so it can be recycled for eternity.


Our material of choice for fretboards is Richlite - incredibly durable and highly sustainable material made of resin-infused recycled paper. It’s a material used for 70 years in the aircraft and marine industries, as well as in luthiery. We value it for its acoustic properties, stability and ease of maintenance, which make it a perfect fit for modern instruments.
Extensive experience in the composite materials industry allows us to plan production so that it is as sustainable as possible. It is extremely important to us and we believe that modern musicians will appreciate it as well.