Composite guitars. Inspired by science

Custom, handmade, modern guitars

Inspired by science
Created with R&D

Innovative composite instruments made of Ruffaine - the most advanced, fully adjustable material scientifically designed to get the perfect tone.

Unprecedented ergonomics combined with the adjustable sound creates the most reliable and comfortable tool for modern musicians.

About us

Scientists and Luthiers

Most of the crew are mechanical engineers experienced in aerospace engineering. That allows us to use the most advanced tools and software to achieve results and accuracy that cannot be matched by the competition.

We are united by instrument passion and love for innovation, which results in the most modern instruments that have ever been available on the market on a production scale.
Three Shrodinger guiters on picture - yellow, universe and masterpiece

Why composite is better than wood?


Meet Ruffaine

Ruffaine is innovative, fully adjustable and unlimitedly recyclable composite material scientifically designed to achieve the perfect tone - your tone.


Unprecedented ergonomics combined with the adjustable sound creates the most reliable, lightweight and comfortable guitars for modern musicians.


Based on research and experience, we have created our own method of recycling composites, which in practice makes Ruffaine a material that can be recycled indefinitely.

High-tech guitars

Our guitars do not come from a design perspective but from research and science. We wanted to create instruments with technology and materials being our starting point.

RUF Guitars on Youtube:

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WAIT WHAT?? A Guitar Made Like An Aeroplane? Meet ultra light, custom guitar.
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Tonewood is a LIE! Ruf Guitars... What is Ruffiane and is it really a superior material to make guitars from?

What others think about our handmade guitars


Rob Chapman

Musician, Youtuber (@RobChappers), Guitar Producer from UK
 “It weighs practically nothing, it's unbelievable. The back of the neck is in the shape of the palm of the hand. It plays super super super nicely”

Glenn Fricker

Youtuber (@SpectreSoundStudios), Producer from Canada
“In terms of fit, finish and playability this guitar is absolutely flawless.”

Premier Guitar

Premier Guitar is the ultimate media resource built by guitarists and for guitarists. USA
“Innovative composite instruments made of Ruffaine, a fully adjustable material designed to achieve pristine tone.”

Ready to order?

Ruf Guitars news:

The Benefits of Owning a Custom Guitar

Personalized Design and Aesthetics. One of the biggest benefits of owning a custom guitar is the ability to personalize the design and aesthetics to your liking. You can choose the Ruffiane flavor, color, and finish, as well as the hardware and pickups. This means that your guitar will not only sound great, but it will […]

What makes Ruf Guitars unique?

Ruf Guitars is the go-to custom composite guitar maker for musicians who demand the best. Our handmade, modern guitars are ultra-lightweight, durable, and tailored to your specific needs and preferences. Our team of skilled luthiers uses only the best materials and techniques to create guitars that not only look beautiful but also sound incredible. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, a custom guitar from Ruf Guitars is the perfect tool to help you express your creativity and take your playing to the next level.

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